Sunday, June 4, 2017

Moved Netatmo outdoor module

The module seems to be REAL sensitive to sun light. I had it on the east side of the house at the top of the doorway trim.

This morning for example it was showing 100 when it was actually 75 out. The shadow from the overhang was down to just above the door. If you look at the graph for June 5 2017 for outdoor temperature  you can see when I moved it to the north side of the house to get it out of the sun about 10 AM.

In fact going back and looking at the last week the peak temp recorded by this station is always in the period right before the shadow makes it down the wall to shade the module.

Looking back at the data this appears to have been this way for months. I just did not notice till the high temp alarms started triggering.

The downside of moving it to the north side is the WiFi signal dropped from 5 bars to 2 so I'll need to keep an eye on it to make sure it stays connected. (Actually Homeseer will do this for me.) I'm not too worried since the Wind sensor has been running fine at just 2 bars for awhile now.

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